Makita BMR100 Portable Radio User Manual

1. The HWS buzzer alarm can be set either radio is on or
2. Press and release the HWS buzzer alarm button
, the symbol will flash.
3. During the symbol flashes, long pressing the
button for more than 2 seconds followed by a beep
and display Hour digit will flash.
4. Rotate Tuning Control to select required alarm hour,
then press time set button again. The minute digit
will then flash.
5. Rotate Tuning Control to select required alarm minute,
the press time set button again to complete HWS
buzzer alarm setting.
6. Press and hold down buzzer alarm button for
more than 2 seconds followed by a beep to switch on
or off the HWS buzzer alarm.
Display will appear when buzzer alarm has
been set.
Snooze function
1. Whilst the alarm is activated, pressing any buttons
except the Power Button will activate the snooze
function. The radio or HWS buzzer alarm will be
silenced with interval of 5 minutes.
2. The display will flash both the snooze symbol and
the alarm symbol. The snooze function can be
repeatedly during one hour that the alarms are active.
Sleep function
The sleep timer will automatically switched off the radio
after a preset time has elapsed.
1. Press and continue to hold down the Power button for
more than 2 seconds, followed by a beep tone, the
display will cycle through the available sleep times in
the order 60-45-30-15-120-90-60.
Release the Power button when the required sleep
time appears in the display. The symbol will
appear in the display and the radio will play the last
station selected.
2. To cancel the sleep function, press the Power button.
The Symbol will disappear and radio is off.
Display illumination
Press any buttons or rotate tuning/volume control will
illuminate the LCD display for approx. 15 seconds. During
scanning stations and alarm activated, will also
automatically illuminate the display.
Setting tuning step
Tuning steps on some countries are different from where
you purchase the radio. If you buy the radio in Europe and
intend to use in Northern America or some Southern
American countries, you may have to adjust tuning step
so the radio may continue to serve you well.
While radio is switched off, long pressing Step/Band
button for more than 2 seconds will first show current FM
tuning step.
Continue pressing Step/Band button for approx. another 5
seconds until display FM and 50 kHz (tuning step)
flashing followed by a beep. By rotating the Tuning
control, you may adjust to 100 kHz per tuning step.
After FM tuning step is reset, pressing Step/Band button
again, display will show AM (MW) and flash 9 kHz. By
rotating Tuning control, you may adjust to 10 kHz per
tuning step. Complete the setting by pressing Step/Band
Change Stereo to Mono
When the stereo FM station reception is weak, you can
improve it by pressing Mono button for 2 seconds. The
sound is no longer in stereo and stereo indicator
Headphone socket
A 3.5 mm headphone socket located in front of your radio
is provided for use with either headphones or an
hairpiece. Inserting a plug automatically mutes the
internal speaker.
Power Requirements
AC power adaptor DC12V 1,000mA, center pin
Battery UM-3 (AA size) x 2 for back up
Pod battery: 9.6 - 18V
Slide battery: 9.6 - 24 V
Frequency coverage: FM 87.50 - 108 MHz
AM520 - 1710 kHz (10 kHz/step)
Circuit feature
Loudspeaker 3 inches 8 ohm
Output Power 9.6V: 0.8 W x 2, 12V: 1.2 W x 2
14.4V: 2W x 2, 18V: 3W x 2
24V: 5W x 2
Headphone socket 3.5 mm dia.
Antenna system FM: soft bended rod antenna
AM: bar antenna
Dimension (W x H x D) in mm:
With carry handle retracted
261 (10 - 1/4") x 304 (12") x
167 (6 - 9/16")
With carry handle raised
261 (10 - 1/4") x 433 (17") x
167 (6 - 9/16")
Weight 4.2 Kg (9.2 lbs) (without battery)