JBL IIIP MP3 Docking Station User Manual

Symptom Possible Problem Solution
Sound Quality
No power; green LED is not on Wall adapter is not plugged into the JBL
On Stage IIIP correctly.
Wall adapter is not receiving AC power
Check the connection of the wall adapter.
Place the wall adapter in a known powered outlet. Test the outlet
with a lamp or other device.
iPod will not charge No power to input Check input cable connnection.
Wrong adapter is used Replace adapter.
iPod is not making full contact with the
docking station
Turn the JBL On Stage IIIP off and connect it to another wall outlet.
0042CSK - JBL On Stage IIIP UG v3.indd 80042CSK - JBL On Stage IIIP UG v3.indd 8 17/06/08 15:34:1517/06/08 15:34:15