JBL 3950-0113-001 MP3 Docking Station User Manual

950-0113-001 JBL
Radial Manual
No sound from JBL Radial No power to unit Make sure wall power outlet or
power strip has power. Make
sure all switches for outlet /
power strip are on and that all
switches for speaker system
are on.
Is the LED On?
If the LED is not on, power is
not getting to your JBL Radial.
Try the solutions shown.
Incorrect source selection Ensure that the iPod is
properly docked or that the
auxillary cable is properly con-
nected to an external audio
Turn up the volume.
Check the system with a
known good source.
Connect the aux-in cable to
the headphone jack on your
Sound only comes from one
side / channel.
iPod or audio cable is not
seated properly.
Make sure the iPod or Aux in
cable is seated all the way into
the JBL Radial.
If you are using an extension
cable or a third party cable,
make sure it is a stereo
3.5mm male to male cable.
Distortion (static, crackling or
hissing sound)
Noise may be caused by
interference from a monitor,
cell phone or other transmit-
ting device.
Turn monitor off to see if noise
is eliminated.
Move JBL Radial cables
farther away from monitor.