GPX R600B Portable Radio User Manual

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Environmental Commitment to ‘Protect
for Today and Sustain for Tomorrow’
2009 marked the ocial launch of DPI,
Inc.’s corporate campaign for a greener
and cleaner world. DPI is building upon
environmental initiatives introduced
at all of their facilities to help
formulate and sustain signicant and
important conservation eorts within
its manufacturing and marketing
communities. In addition to targeting
and selecting energy ecient product
features, and structuring ‘green oce’
procedures, other initial program
eorts include:
Reduction of all packaging sizes
Recyclable plastics for clamshell
packages, with a plan to eventually
replace plastic with recyclable
Recycled ber board in place of the
polyfoam in packing boxes
Recycled plastics in place of
the virgin material in product
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