CyberData SPA-9000 Portable Speaker User Manual

1.0 Setting Up the Linksys SPA-9000
To set up the Linksys SPA-9000:
1.1 Run a Cat 5 cable from a POE/Ethernet hub to the Internet port on the SPA-9000.
1.2 Run a second Cat 5 cable from a PoE/Ethernet hub to the Ethernet port on the SPA-9000.
1.3 Plug in a computer/laptop, a Linksys phone, and a CyberData speaker to the PoE/Ethernet
1.4 Adjust the IP address of the computer/laptop so that it is on the same network as the SPA-9000
1.5 Enter the IP address of SPA-9000 in a browser (
1.6 Under Vo ic e click on the SIP tab.
1.7 In the PBX parameters section, select WAN.
1.8 Click on submit all changes.
1.9 Click on the Router tab.
1.10 Click on the WAN Setup tab.
1.11 From the Connection Type drop-down menu, select Static IP.
1.12 In the Static IP section, fill out the IP address, Netmask and Gateway fields.
1.13 Go to Router => LAN Setup and set an IP address that is on a different subnet than the WAN
1.14 Select submit all changes.
2.0 Setting up the Speaker for SIP
To set up the speaker for SIP:
2.1 Pull up the web-based configuration for the speaker and click on SIP settings.
2.2 Enter the username (usually an extension number) and password.
2.3 Enter the static IP address that is in the WAN setup of the SPA-9000 as the SIP server address.
2.4 Change the remote SIP port to 6060.
2.5 Save the settings and reboot the speaker.
2.6 Send a page to the speaker by entering the extension number (username) of the speaker at the
Setting Up the CyberData Speakers
with Linksys SPA-9000