Bench KH 994 Portable Radio User Manual

̅ Please read these important safety advice notes carefully before you fix in place
or use your kitchen radio for the first time and if necessary pass them on to third parties.
̅ Fix your radio in place only with the mounting plate supplied.
̅ Do not position the radio mounting plate directly over a hob or sink.
̅ Connect the kitchen radio to a 230 volt / 50 Hz socket.
̅ Keep the mains lead away from sharp edges or sources of heat (hob etc.). Position the mains lead
and the wire aerial so that they do not cause a trip hazard.
̅ Never use the equipment if it is damaged or not working properly. Do not unscrew the radio housing.
If the radio becomes defective, have it checked over and repaired at a service centre.
̅ To avoid causing injuries and damage, ensure that defective mains leads are repaired by a competent
tradesman. Never operate the equipment with a damaged mains lead or plug.
̅ The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damage caused by misuse of the equipment or the
non-observance of these safety advice notes.
̅ Do not allow the radio to come into contact with moisture. If this happens there is the danger
of electric shock. Therefore you must not operate the radio with wet hands.
̅ Similarly, the radio must not be exposed to water splashes or spray.
̅ If the radio is used as a stand alone unit, do not place any water-filled objects (e.g. vases) or sources
of open flame (e.g. candles) on top of it.
̅ In the event of a thunderstorm we recommend that you remove the plug from the mains socket.
̅ Keep the batteries away from children and do not throw the batteries into a fire.
̅ Dispose of exhausted batteries in an environmentally-friendly manner. Shops that sell batteries have
appropriate containers for old batteries. They can also be disposed of at a public collection facility.
³ Wake-up time button º Volume control
· Time button ¾ Display “Radio on”
» Station /Frequency display µ Minutes button
¿ Display ¸ Hours button
´ Mounting plate ¹ Display “Auto”
² Station selector Ƹ Timer button
Band selector ƹ On/Off switch
ș Find a suitable place to attach your kitchen radio.
You can use the underside of a wall cupboard, shelf or similar for fixing. To protect the radio
from moisture and heat, do not mount it directly over a hob or sink.
Of course you can also use the kitchen radio as a stand-alone device on a shelf etc.
1) Slide the mounting plate
´ towards the rear of the radio and then lift it off.
2) Hold the plate in place at the mounting position. Ensure that there is approx. 8 mm free at the front
edge so that the radio can be fitted later. Make sure that the correct side is at the front.
3) Mark the four positions for the holes.
4) Make suitable holes, e.g. with a punch.
5) Screw on the mounting plate (see Fig.).