Archos XS100 MP3 Player User Manual

Gmini™ XS100
Gmini™ XS100
MP3 & WMA Digital Music Player & USB 2.0 Hard Disk
English user manual
Version 2.1 - Please see the Archos web site ( for the most recent manual
and software updates for your Gmini™.
An introductory note from ARCHOS
Dear Customer,
Archos thanks you for choosing our new ultra-small Gmini™ XS100. Check out our web site
to nd the available accessories for this product (car adapter, carrying cases, etc.). Also, while at our web site,
check for free downloads of updated and improved software for your device.
The principal function of the Gmini™ is, of course, to play music. Because it has a real hard disk inside of it,
you can store hundreds of songs. Using a standard audio cable, you can also play your music through a home
entertainment system. You can bring your entire CD collection with you anywhere and play it over anyone’s
sound system.
Putting music onto your Gmini™ is as easy as ‘drag and drop’ for your unprotected music les. And for protected
purchased music from PlaysForSure web sites, it is as easy as clicking the Sync button in Windows Media
Player. Plus, with its USB 2 high speed port, transfers are nished before you know it. The Gmini™ is also ID3
compatible. This means that the ARCLibrary will sort your music so that you can listen to it by artist, album, title,
year, or genre. Click on Shuf e, and listen to your music at random.
Finally, you can always use the Gmini™ as a portable hard drive to carry your important les with you. You can
even use the Archos double-browser to rename, create, copy, move, and delete les and folders.
This manual gives you all the information you need to know on using your Gmini™. Read though it carefully, you
just may nd out it can do some neat things that you didn’t expect. If you are stuck, you can always call our help
line or e-mail support to get a friendly Archos agent to give you a hand.
Wishing you the best music listening experience,
The Archos Team
As our engineers are always updating and improving the software, your device’s software may have a slightly
different appearance or modi ed functionality than presented in this manual.