Philips DC1000/00 MP3 Docking Station User Manual

Problem Solution
No sound
No any response after
pressed the buttons on the
2-way remote control
Sound can't be adjusted
• Check if the audio cable is well connected.
• Check if the power cable that connects the DC1000 with
WACS7000 is well connected.
• Check if the 2-way remote control is at "Portable" mode.
Press the Portable button to switch it to Portable mode.
• Point the remote control to the docking station.
• Once entering Portable mode, the 2-way remote control
works with the DC1000. Do not point the remote control to
WACS7000 or your iPod or GoGear.
• Check if the batteries of the remote control is used up. If yes,
replace it with new batteries.
• Only the Volume button, Skip/search button and Play/pause
button is applicable. (see Enjoy section for details.)
• Check if the audio cable is properly connected: the audio cable
should be connected to the black 3.5mm jack in the middle of
the backside of the docking station.
Dock Connectivity – Audio Out : 3.5 mm (Cable provided)
– AV Out: 3.5 mm for Audio/Video Out (Cable optional )
– DC in for GoGear and iPod : 9 pins DIN cable(Cable provided)
– USB: Mini USB (Cable optional )
– Remote Control: IR build-in
Charging iPod using the docking station
When the iPod is properly connected on the docking cradle and the WACS7000 is powered
on, battery charging start automatically.
Helpful hint:
• You can also use a USB cable (not supplied) to connect the docking cradle with your PC to
charge your iPod or GoGear