JBL 7950-0113-001 MP3 Docking Station User Manual

950-0113-001 JBL
Radial Manual
Manufacturer Harman Multimedia
Model JBL Radial
Driver (Full Range) Hercules 45mm
Drivers (Tweeter) Odyssey 25mm
Power 1 x 30 watts (woofer),
2 x 15 watts (tweeters), at 1% THD
Width: 12.0 inches 305mm
Depth: 5.25 inches 135mm
Height: 10.5 inches 270mm
Input Impedance >10k Ohm
Signal-to-Noise ratio >85dB
Frequency Response 70 – 20 kHz
Input Sensitivity 250 mV rms for rated power output
USA/Canada Power 120 volts, 60Hz AC
Europe/UK 220-230 volts, 50 or 60 Hz AC
Japan 100 volts, 50 or 60 Hz AC
Australia 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz AC
Maximum Power Consumption 55 watts
UL/CUL/CE Approved
iPod will not charge Wrong adaptor is used. Ensure correct adaptor is
used for your speci c iPod
The iPod is not making full
contact with the dock station.
Ensure iPod is seated
securely into the docking
iPod is not recognized by the
computer when docked into
the JBL Radial or there is an
error in data transfer.
Third party accessories may
be con icting with the USB or
rwire signal.
Make sure you do not have
the JBL Radial connected to a
USB or rewire hub.
Connect the JBL Radial
directly into the computers
USB or rewire port.
USB or rewire port is not
supplying enough power
Try connecting the USB or
rewire cable to another port
on the back of the computer.