GPX RDT6806 Portable Radio User Manual

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* DC-Powered:
* LCD Display with Digital Clock
- DC: Uses 2 x "AAA" Batteries, (not included)
- Detachable Belt Clip
* Includes
- Station Memory Presets
* Digital Tune AM/FM Stereo Radio
- TV Audio Band
* 7-Channel NOAA WeatherBand
- Rotary Volume
- Earbud Headphones
- Nylon Armband with Adjustable Closure
Metal: 2%
Warehouse: Ctn/Layer: 10 Layers/Skid: 5
Wood: -% Glass: 3%
MOQ/CFS: 0 / $0.20
Contents: Electric:40% Plastic: 55%
Ctns/Skid: 50 Units/Skid: 1200
Container: 20' Cont Qty:17234 40' Std. Qty:36383
40' HQ Qty:42766
Skid Size(L/W): 48/40in. Skid UCC-14 code: -
Skids/Truck(48Ft): 28 Skids/Truck(53Ft): 30
Units/Truck(48Ft): 33600 Units/Truck(53Ft): 36000
CuFt: 1.0567
Inner Carton: Dim: 8.75Lx8Wx6.75H in Qty: 6
Weight: 9.36lbs. MC UCC-14 code: 50-047323-
Master Carton: Dim:16.25Lx7.75Wx14.5H in Qty: 24
Weight: 2.04lbs. Inner UCC-14 code: -
General: Color: SILVER/BLUE Duty/HTS: 0% / 8527.19.1000
FOB:HONG KONG Pack: Clamshell Pack
Item: Dim: 2.78Lx3.19Wx1.26H in Weight: 0.13lbs.
Gift Box: Dim: 6.5Lx1.75Wx8.5H in Gift Box
Weight: 0.3lbs. UPC: 047323-068065