AudioSource AudioSource 4/5/6 2-Way Compact Indoor/Outdoor Speakers Portable Speaker User Manual

4”/5”/6” 2-Way Compact
Indoor/Outdoor Speakers
• Weather and UV Resistant Design
• Aluminum Grill
• Butyl Rubber Surround on Poly Cone Woofer
• 1” Soft Fabric Dome Tweeter
• Pivoting Bracket design
• CAD/CAE Designed, Phase Compensated Crossover
Congratulations on your purchase of the AudioSource
LS42/52/62 2-Way Compact Indoor/Outdoor Speakers.
These product are designed to reproduce the audio portion
of your home system environment with accuracy and detail
that will satisfy the most discriminating listener.
The LS42/52/62 Indoor/Outdoor speakers are designed to
accurately reproduce high fi delity music in a variety of
applications, including home theater. Not only are these
loudspeakers weather resistant for outdoor use, they also
include color matched brackets for mounting in most any
Please read this Installation Manual to ensure the proper
installation and performance of your LS speaker system.
Plan your speaker placement carefully. The LS series of
Indoor/Outdoor speakers are manufactured to resist a variety
of weather conditions. However, they are not waterproof, so if
you decide to place your speakers outdoors, position them so
they are not directly exposed to the elements. The undersides
of most eaves and overhangs provide the best protection for
indoor/outdoor loudspeakers.
Speaker Mounting
If your application requires the LS42/52/62 speakers to be
mounted, please follow these directions.
Figure 1
Using the hardware supplied, mount the bracket fi rst (see fi g.
1). Next, attach the speakers to the brackets using the large
plastic knobs supplied. Never mount a speaker on a wall made
of un-reinforced drywall or plasterboard. If you are unsure,
consult a professional contractor.