Atmel ATR4262M1 Portable Radio User Manual

NOTE: This is a summary document.
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World Tuner Application Due to Integrated VCO Dividers
RF Input for Weather Band Applications
AM Reception 100 kHz Up to 30 MHz
AM Up/Down Conversion Depending on Reception Frequency
VCO Slave Mode for Phase Diversity Applications
FM Image Rejection Mixer
Selectable High-side/Low-side Injection for FM Mode
Selectable FM Mixer Output
RF-AGC Wideband Threshold Programmable for AM and FM
RF-AGC Inband Threshold Programmable
Cascode Control Voltage for AM FET Pre-stage
Integrated Pin-diode Drivers for AM and FM
Three Selectable IF Amplifier Inputs
Fractional PLL with Fast Lock Time
Small Frequency Steps for AM
Excellent SNR for DRM Applications
Differential Reference Frequency Input for PLL Down to 9 kHz or Integrated XCO Driver
Two Wire Interface (TWI) with Two Selectable Bus Addresses
Digital Electronic Alignment of Up to Two External Filter Stages
Flexible and Economic IF Filter Concept
Control Inputs for IF Gain, Reception Frequency and Keyed AGC
Integrated State-machine for Optional Control of Alternative Frequency Check
Only One Power Supply Voltage Necessary
1. Description
The ATR4262M1 is a single-chip AM/FM and weather band tuner dedicated for digital
IF solutions in car-radio applications. ATR4262M1 is produced using Atmel
advanced BICMOS2S technology and fulfills the automotive requirements. This part is
suitable for HD Radio
reception as well as for DRM solutions. The high flexibility
allows to design high performance and cost optimized tuner solutions.
Front-end IC for