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Julie Goulding

Aug 2nd, 2012 at 7:10pm

manual for Technika MP3 Player MP 211EB This mp3…

for Technika MP3 Player 211EB

manual for Technika MP3 Player MP 211EB This mp3 will not play when unplugged from the computer. we have charged it through the power lead but nothing happens when we try to play it.


  • Les Butler
    To charge the battery plug into usb port turn on using the little switch,then pres the play button,the red LED should flash whilst charging for about 1.5 hrs
    The is a manual in PDF form on the MP3 player itself open it print then spend the next hour trying to workout what the person who was trying to translate it into English was thinking ! took me a while to work it all out! "if when the or light blink" etc !

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  • rupert.bear
    The Technika MP 211EB is identical to the Alba MP4200BUK from Argos. Enter "Alba MP4200BUK" in the search box above and you'll find the manual (PDF). Only one page, but better than nothing. Bad of Tesco not ot supply a manual.

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  • lanky_meeh
    i am having th same problem did you find an answer to fix this?

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