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May 29th, 2008 at 10:46am

easyrip download

for RCA MP3 Player m4204

I can't seem to download the easyrip program for my mp3 player. It gives me a message saying that I need to have a rca digital media device plugged into the computer. or that I have more thanone rca device plugged in. I have tried it with my player plugged into all the different usb ports on the computer but still get same message


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  • lxmars
    Had the same problem - when I removed all of the other USB devices on my machine and rebooted, it allowed easyrip to be installed.
    In any event, I'd avoid this piece of trash. This is a very poor product and should be avoided at any cost. As a gift, it's perfect as a passive-aggressive gesture toward someone you despise. Aside from the documentation (written by someone whose first language is not English), the dead-links to software upgrades and contradictory "answers" to questions on the website (if you cannot turn it on or connect it to your computer, merely upgrade the firmware on the non-powered device...huh?). There appears to be serious problems setting the device (on the M4204 settings) to MTP - since doing that mine has been dead - unrecognized by the computer (even when doing the prescribed "holding down the play button" when hooking it up to the computer). Perhaps if support was half-adequate it might have made for at least a few more hours of attempting to get it working again. My guess is that RCA lacks any QA staff or sophistication (or desire for either) resulting in a very inferior product.

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  • sublimendo
    This problem was in earlier versions that shipped with can go to their FAQs site and get the latest download that fixes the issue

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