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Nov 9th, 2011 at 3:35pm

I have a problem with charging my polaroid pmp…

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I have a problem with charging my polaroid pmp 180-4,the only way to charge it is to connect it to computer. with a usb cable.the charge bar comes up when i plug it in but no matter how long I charge it it wont get a charge.Is there something I am overlooking?(also I just got this Mp3 player a week ago)


  • lord_mur2002
    This unit must be turned ON to charge it.
    But this is the catch-22 after it charges and stops charging it starts to wear the battery down.
    So if you charge it overnight like any other device you end up around 20% in the morning.
    My only workaround is to plug it into my garmin charger in the car on the way to work and it gets to about 80% in the 30mins I need to drive in.
    But who knows if this is damaging the battery even more due to wrong voltage? I don't care as at least I can now use the damn thing.

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  • lord_mur2002
    As I posted to another person.
    These things never charge right and have no support on the Polaroid site.
    Your better off giving someone a rock you find in your garden.

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  • Larry Hinojoza
    i just bought one. charged one day, the next day it was dead after i though i charged it. i charged again in it was a full charge. i think you have to make sure it is turn off to charge.

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  • brianmmoorby

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