RCA J13800CL Handheld TV User Manual

Limited Warranty
Features and Benefits
• All-clear polycarbonate cabinet.
• Reduces contraband search activities
to a bare minimum.
• Clear cabinet enables a contraband
search in the inmate’s cell.
• Difficult to hide guns, knives, drugs or
other contraband inside.
• Provides a more secure environment
for correctional officers.
• Reduces dangerous confrontations
between officers and inmates.
• Tamper-resistant screws help prevent
unwanted back removal.
• UL approved.
• ENERGY STAR® Qualified
13” diagonal
The Clear Answer to Security!
Introducing a revolutionary, high-quality TV with a see-through clear
cabinet that allows a complete view of the entire contents of the set’s
interior, including electronic circuitry. RCA’s clear television can address
your security and safety issues, without costly and time-consuming
television inspections. Almost nothing can be hidden inside.
This 13” clear color TV model will reduce contraband searches and
provide a more secure environment—a clear advantage
for everyone!