RCA 5637 Portable Radio User Manual

FCC Information Safety Information
More Information
It is important to read this instruction book prior to using your new product for the rst time.
u s e r
FCC Information
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
(1) This device may not cause harmful interference,
and (2) this device must accept any interference
received, including interference that may cause
undesired operation.
In accordance with FCC requirements, changes
or modifications not expressly approved by
Thomson Inc. could void the user’s authority to
operate this product.
This device generates and uses radio frequency
(RF) energy, and if not installed and used properly,
this equipment may cause interference to radio and
television reception.
If this equipment does cause interference to radio
or television reception (which you can determine by
unplugging the unit), try to correct the interference
by one or more of the following measures:
• Re-orient the receiving antenna (that is, the
antenna for the radio or television that is “receiving”
the interference).
• Move the unit away from the equipment that is
receiving interference.
• Plug the unit into a different wall outlet so that the
unit and the equipment receiving interference are
on different branch circuits.
If these measures do not eliminate the interference,
please consult your dealer or an experienced radio/
television technician for additional suggestions.
Also, the Federal Communications Commission
has prepared a helpful booklet, “How To Identify
and Resolve Radio TV Interference Problems.”
This booklet is available from the U.S. Government
Printing Ofce, Washington, DC 20402. Please
specify stock number 004-000-00345-4 when
ordering copies.
For Your Safety
The AC power plug is polarized (one blade is
wider than the other) and only
ts into AC power outlets one
way. If the plug will not go into
the outlet completely, turn the
plug over and try to insert it the
other way. If it still does not t,
contact a qualied electrician to change the outlet,
or use a different one. Do not attempt to bypass
this safety feature.
The descriptions and characteristics in this owner’s manual
are for the purpose of general reference only and not as a
guarantee. In order to provide you with the highest quality
product, we may make changes or modications without prior
notice. The English version serves as the nal reference on
all product and operational details should any discrepancies
arise in other languages.
Make sure that you keep your set away
from water and high temperatures.
• Do not use your System immediately
after transporting it from a cold place
to a warm place, as condensation may
cause the system to malfunction.
• Keep your unit away from humid
areas and abnormally hot places.
• To prevent personal injury, do not
reverse any batteries.
The use of apparatus in moderate
• The apparatus shall not be exposed to
dripping or splashing and that no
objects lled with liquids, such as
vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.
No naked ame sources, such as
lighted candles, should be placed on
the apparatus.
Attention should be drawn to the
More Information
Main plug is used as the disconnect device, it
shall remain readily operable and should not
be obstructed during intended used. To be
completely disconnected the apparatus from
supply mains, the main plug of the apparatus
shall be disconnected from the mains socket
outlet completely.
High Performance, Long Range
AM/FM Portable Radio
Radio AM/FM portative à haute
performance et à longue distance
This product should be serviced only by those
specially trained in appropriate servicing
techniques. For instructions on how to obtain
service, refer to the warranty included in this
Attach your sales receipt to the booklet for future
reference or jot down the date this product was
purchased or received as a gift. This information
will be valuable if service should be required
during the warranty period.
Purchase date:
Name of store:
environmental aspects of battery
Minimum distances (2cm) around the
apparatus for sufcient ventilations.
The ventilation should not be
impeded by covering the ventilation
opening with items, such as newspaper,
table-cloths, curtains, etc.
The rating plate is located at the
bottom cabinet of apparatus.
Help protect the environment - we recommend
that you dispose of used batteries by putting
them into specially designed receptacles.
Clean the unit with a soft cloth, or a damp
chamois leather. Never use solvents.
Tuned RF on both AM and FM.
38” (976 mm) FM Swivel Whip Antenna.
7-7/8” (200 mm)AM Ferrite Rod Antenna.
Ceramic IF Filter, plus 3 IF Tuned Circuits on FM.
4 IF Tuned Circuits on AM
Switchable AFC (Automatic Frequency Control)
Precision Vernier Tuning
6-1/2” High-sensitivity speaker, plus 2” Tweeter
700 mw PMS Audio Output
Separate BASS and TREBLE Controls
Separate VOLUME Control
6 “D” cell battery power (batteries not included) or AC
household power operation.
FM-AM IC (Integrated Circuit)
Separate power ON-OFF Switch
Headphone Jack for optional headphones
Fold down carry handle
AM-FM External Antenna Terminals
This radio offers a level of performance above the average
portable radio. We urge you to follow the step-by-step
instructions in order to enjoy the full capabilities of this
Controls and Features
1. FM WHIP ANTENNA (replaceable) - Lift and
extend to full length.
2. POWER ON/OFF SWITCH - Use to turn radio
ON or OFF.
3. FM-AM TUNING KNOB - Adjust to select your
favorite AM or FM station.
5. AFC SELECT SWITCH - Switch off to Fine Tune
then Switch on to assure drift-free FM reception.
6. HEADPHONE JACK - For private listening with
optional headphones.
7. VOLUME CONTROL - Adjust for desired
listening level.
8. BASS TONE CONTROL - Adjust to preferred
listening taste.
9. TREBLE TONE CONTROL - Adjust to preferred
maximum selectivity of adjacent stations WIDE:
for increased audio delity of strong local stations
11. FM-AM DIAL SCALE - Indicates frequency of
FM or AM station being received. The Log Scale
helps to locate broadcasts.
5637 8280 (EN/E/F)
1. Turn radio ON by depressing the POWER
ON-OFF switch.
2. Select AM or FM operation with the BAND
SELECT switch.
3. For FM reception, lift and extend the Whip
Antenna to its fullest length.
4. Turn the volume up by rotating the VOLUME
Control in a clockwise direction.
5. Rotate the FM/AM TUNING knob to select
your favorite FM or AM station.
6. Precise tuning to distant (or weak) FM
stations can be achieved by following
the AFC (Automatic Frequency Control)
7. Adjust the VOLUME, BASS and TREBLE
controls to your preferred listening level and
8. To turn radio off, press the POWER ON-OFF
switch again.
AM Band radio stations are assigned broadcast
frequencies between 540 and 1700 Kilohertz
(KHz). AM transmissions leave the antenna in
two types of radio waves - ground waves and
sky waves. Ground waves stay close to the
ground and can be picked up by receivers in the
local area, Sky waves go into the sky and pass
thru the ionosphere into outer space. Some sky
waves have a tendency to “bounce” back from
the ionosphere (especially during the evening
hours) and can be picked up by distant receivers.
This “AM ACCENT” switch allows:
Maximum selectivity of adjacent stations in
the NORMAL position.
Improved audio delity of strong local
stations when in the WIDE positon.
NOTE: In the WIDE position, you may encounter
beat and whistle noises due to adjacent-channel
stations in the AM band. This problem may be
particularly noticeable during nighttime reception.
If this occurs, switch to NORMAL positon.
FM Band radio stations broadcast on assigned
frequencies between 88 and 108 Megahertz
(MHz). FM broadcasts are higher frequencies
and offer less static and interference from
Power Supply
This Two-Way portable radio operates on AC
Household power or 6 “D” size batteries with
automatic AC/DC switching. The batteries are
not included with radio and power cord are
house in a compartment on the back of the radio.
1. Gently place the radio on its front with the
bottom facing you.
2. Remove the battery/cord storage
compartment door by releasing the three
compartment door latches then swing door
toward you and off
3. Insert the 6 “D” size batteries into the
compartment as indicated on the panel
inside the compartment. Be sure the +
(cap) end of each battery is installed in the
direction shown in the battery outline. Insert
“bottom row” of batteries rst then slide the
“top row” under the BATTERY STRAP from
the left side of cabinet.
4. Replace the compartment door by rst
placing the bottom securing tabs into their
receptacles, then swing door into position
and press until the three latches “snap” into
NOTE: After a portable radio has been used
extensively in battery operation, the quality of
the sound may deteriorate or the loudness may
decrease. When this happens, the very rst thing to
suspect is run-down batteries.
Further conrmation that the batteries are run down
can be made by changing to AC line cord operation.
If the sound quality improves the batteries are run
down and should be replaced with new batteries.
Your SUPERADIO offers exceptional battery life
with standard “D” size batteries. Alkaline batteries,
although more expensive, offer increased battery life
over standard cells.
Since few batteries are actually “leakproof”, always
remove batteries, (even if new) when storing product
unused for over 30 days or using AC continually.
For shorter periods of AC operation (up to 30 days)
batteries may remain in product.
Always remove worn-out batteries as they may
leak chemicals which will damage the electronic
components and cabinet. When discarding batteries,
be sure to dispose of them in the proper manner,
according to your state and local regulations. ‘
Remove power cord from compartment and plug
into any 120-volt AC household outlet. An opening in
the compartment door has been provided to permit
AC operation with the door in place. Your radio will
automatically convert from battery to AC operation.
When nished using radio on AC, be sure to switch
POWER ON-OFF switch to OFF. Removing plug
from household outlet without switching radio to OFF
will automatically revert operation to battery power.
Battery Strap
AM -The BUILT-IN ANTENNA (200 mm Ferrite Rod) is somewhat directional, and on weak
stations it may be necessary to rotate the radio for best reception.
The FM WHIP antenna is not used for AM reception.
FM - The WHIP ANTENNA may be positioned anywhere within an 18O degree arc and is capable
of rotating 360 degrees. To use, lift and extend the WHIP to its fullest length. For distant stations, it
may be necessary to adjust the WHIP antenna’s position for best reception.
NOTE: To avoid damaging the WHIP, always lower its sections one at a time starting with the
largest diameter. Never lower the WHIP from the tip end since buckling or bending is possible. Be
sure the slot provided in the base of the swivel antenna is positioned properly before lowering the
WHIP into its holder clip.
The whip antenna has been designed so that it is easily replaced in the event it is damaged. The
antenna’s mounting post goes through a hole in the cabinet top and is held in place by a single
screw through the cabinet back. Simply remove the screw and slide the post out of the cabinet
top. To install the replacement, reverse the procedure.
Although the radio normally provides excellent reception utilizing its built-
in antennas, it offers the additional capability of connecting outside AM
or FM antennas to the EXTERNAL ANTENNA terminals on the cabinet
back. External antennas can be used in poor reception areas (inside steel
and concrete buildings) or to improve reception of distant stations. The
antenna required for FM differs from the type needed for AM reception.
AM - An AM antenna for outside installation connects to the screw
terminals on the cabinet back marked AM and GND.
FM - You may use your TV antenna or an outside FM antenna. The twin
leads connect to the screw terminals marked FM (300 ohm) and GND.
IMPORTANT: External antennas are available from local parts stores. Follow all safety instructions
(provided with antenna) when installing any outside antenna.
You can be alone in a crowd with
optional headphone that lets you listen
in complete privacy. The radio speakers
are automatically silenced when you plug
headphone into Jack located on the right
side of the cabinet.
NOTE: The Jack is designed to permit use of
stereo headphones with your mono radio but
reception will be heard in mono only.
Before seeking service a simple review of
the step-by-step instructions may eliminate
or clarify your problem.
Is power cord plugged into a working
120V AC outlet? Is POWER ON/OFF
switch in ON (depressed) position? Are
batteries installed correctly? Are batteries
Check condition of batteries or operate
on AC power. If sound is good on AC
power, batteries are weak and should be
AM Reception - Try rotating radio for best
FM Reception - Fully extend whip
The “noise” may be coming from outside
sources such as the broadcast program
material, electrical “noise” from nearby
automobiles, electrical lights
(Fluorescent lamps), etc, also, noise will
be more noticeable from distant stations.
Because of the long-range performance of this radio, you may enjoy keeping track of distant
stations you have received.
The Log Scale helps in locating stations by providing a reference point. Just jot down the log scale
number, the station frequency, and time of reception from each station on a chart such as that
shown below. You will soon have a complete log of transmissions that you receive in your location.
City Station call letters AM KHz, F-MHz Log scale Date Time
Have a Blast-Just Not in your
Make sure you turn down the
volume on the unit before you
put on headphones. Increase
the volume to the desired level only after
headphone are in place.
Important: Also keep your “Bill of Sale” as proof of purchase.
Important: Veuillez conserver votre “Facture D’achat” comme preuve d’achat.
Importante: Guarde su “Boleta de venta” como prueba de su compra.
Model no.
N° du modèle
N° de modelo
Type of set
Type d’appareil
Tipo de aparato
Serial no.
N° de série
N° de serie
Date purchased
Date d’achat
Fecha de compra
Product name
Nom du produit
Nombre del producto
Invoice no.
N° de la facture
N° de recibo
Dealer name
Nom du marchand
Nombre del comerciante
In the event your product requires repair after the limited warranty period has expired, please contact our Customer Support Center at
Hours: Monday–Thursday: 9am–7pm, Friday: 9am–5pm, Saturday: 9am–NOON Eastern time.
You are responsible for any transportation, shipping or insurance relative to the return of product to our Product Returns Center.
Out of Warranty
AVC MULTIMEDIA (“AVC”) makes the following limited warranty. This limited warranty extend to the original consumer purchaser and is limited to
non-commercial use of the product.
One Year Parts & Labor Warranty
AVC products purchased in the United States are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from
the date of their original retail purchase. If the unit fails to conform to this warranty, we will service the product using new or refurbished parts and
products, at AVC’s sole discretion.
During a period of one year from the effective warranty date, AVC will provide, when needed, service labor to repair a manufacturing
defect at its designated Service Center. To obtain warranty service in the Untied States, you must rst call our Customer Support Center at
www.1800customersupport.com/RCA, during the hours listed in the box below. The determination of service will be made by AVC Customer Support.
PLEASE DO NOT RETURN YOUR UNIT TO AVC WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION. New or remanufactured replacements for defective
parts or products will be used for repairs by AVC at its designated Service Center for one year from the effective warranty date. Such replacement
parts or products are warranted for an additional one year from the date of repair or replacement. The Customer will be required to ship the unit
to the Service Center indicated at the time Customer Support is contacted to make the necessary repairs. The customer is responsible for all
transportation charges to the service facility.
Packaging and Shipping InstructionWhen you send the product to the AVC service facility you must use the original carton box and packing material
or an equivalent as designated by AVC
All warranties implied by state law, including the implied warranties of merchantability and tness for a particular purpose, are expressly limited to
the duration of the limited warranties set forth above. With the exception of any warranties implied by state law as hereby limited, the foregoing
warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, guarantees, agreements and similar obligations of manufacturer or seller with respect to the
repair or replacement of any parts. In no event shall AVC be liable for consequential or incidental damages.
No person, agent, distributor, dealer or company is authorized to change, modify or extend the terms of these warranties in any manner whatsoever.
The time within action must be commenced to enforce any obligation of AVC arising under the warranty or under any statute, or law of the United
States or any state thereof, is hereby limited to one year from the date of purchase. This limitation does not apply to implied warranties arising
under state law.
This warranty gives you specic legal rights and you may also have other rights, which may vary, from state to state. Some states do not allow
limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts, when an action may be brought, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential
damages, so the above provisions may not apply to you.
For more information on other products and services, please visit our web site at
www.1800customersupport.com/RCA Printed in China
Your Responsibility
Limited Warranty
(1) You must retain the original sale receipt to provide proof of purchase.
(2) These warranties are effective only if the product is purchased and operated in the U.S.A. or Canada.
(3) Warranties extend only to defects in material or workmanship, and do not extend to any product or parts which have been lost
or discarded, or damage to product or parts caused by misuse, accident, improper operation or maintenance, or use in violation
of instructions provided with the product, or to product which has been altered or modied without authorization of AVC, or to
products or parts thereof which have had the serial number removed or changed.
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Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E3
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outside sources as well as greater audio delity than
AM broadcasts. Range, however, is not as great as
AM because very little, if any, sky-wave reception is
involved at FM frequency range.
AFC (Automatic Frequency Control)
Automatic Frequency Conrol (AFC) works to assure
drift-free FM reception and helps to keep the
radio locked-in on the station to which it is tuned.
AFC works only on FM, it does not affect the AM
operation. Tune to the desired FM station with the
AFC SELECT switch in ON position.
Under certain conditions, you may not wish to
use the AFC. When the desired station frequency
is adjacent to a stronger station, the Automatic
Frequency Control may tune the set to the stronger
station. If this occurs, tune in the desired station with
the AFC switch in OFF position. Should switching to
ON cause the set to detune to the stronger adjacent
station, simply leave the AFC SELECT switch in
OFF position.
The BASS control enables you to increase or
decrease the relative volume of the low-pitched
(bass) sounds from the normal (or “at”) control
The TREBLE control enables you to increase or
decrease the relative volume of the high-pitched
(Treble) sounds from the normal (or “at”) control
NOTE: These Tone Controls have a large built-in
variation range which will enable you to emphasize
the various tonal sounds and alter the music
you are receiving. You may be able to vary the
musical balance of the music until it is almost
unrecognizable. The Tone Controls were designed
with these extreme range variations to enable you to
adjust for your particular listening preference and the
program being received.
The convenient power ON-OFF push button
switch enables you to set the VOLUME, BASS
and TREBLE controls, then turn the radio on or off
without having to reset the controls each time.
Because your radio is designed for long-range
AM reception you will gain added enjoyment
receiving broadcasts from distant AM stations.
You may listen to news, weather, sports, and
other special programming from other cities. A
station log has been included to help you keep
a DX (long distance reception) record of stations
received. Although daytime AM reception is
limited to a maximum of a few hundred miles
(depending on the strength of the radio station,
atmospheric conditions, etc.), at night you may
be able to pick up powerful stations over a
thousand miles away.
This is because AM “sky-wave” signals are
reected off the ionosphere and back to earth in
the nighttime hours.
The number of stations you are able to receive
is a function of many factors.
The following may prove helpful:
1. Although the built-in AM antenna will enable
you to receive many distant stations, your
reception can be improved signicantly with
the addition of an external AM antenna.
2. The dusk to dawn hours are best for long
distance AM reception with sunrise and
sunset the optimum times.
3. Clear winter evenings are normally superior
to summer because the nights are longer
and there is less interference from electrical
Abasteciminto de Corriente
Información FCC
Este aparato cumple con la Parte 15 de las
Normas FCC. El funcionamiento de la unidad
está sujeto a las dos condiciones siguientes: (1)
Este aparato no puede provocar interferencias
perjudiciales y (2) este aparato debe aceptar
toda interferencia que reciba incluso aquellas
que provoquen un funcionamiento incorrecto.
De conformidad con los requisitos FCC, los
cambios o modicaciones no aprobados expre-
samente por Thomson Inc. podrían anular la
garantía de funcionamiento de este producto.
Este aparato genera y utiliza energía de radiofre-
cuencia (RF) y si no se instala y utiliza de forma
correcta, este equipo puede provocar interferen-
cias en la recepción de radio y televisión.
Si este equipo provoca interferencias a la
recepción de radio y televisión (lo que puede ser
comprobado desenchufando la unidad) trate de
corregir la interferencia tomando una o más de
las medidas siguientes:
• Reoriente la antena receptora (o sea, la antena
para la radio o televisión que se encuentre
recibiendo la interferencia).
• Aleje la unidad del equipo que esté recibiendo
la interferencia.
• Enchufe la unidad en un tomacorriente de
pared distinto, de modo que la unidad y el
equipo que recibe la interferencia estén en
distintos circuitos.
Si estas medidas no eliminan la interferencia,
por favor consulte con su distribuidor o con un
técnico de radio / televisión experimentado para
que le haga otras sugerencias. Además, la “Fed-
eral Communications Commision” ha preparado
un útil folleto, “How to Identify and Resolve Ra-
dio/TV Interference Problems” (Cómo Identicar
y resolver los problemas de interferencias de
Radio y TV). Este folleto se puede conseguir en
la “U.S. Government Printing Ofce”, Washing-
ton DC, 20402. Por favor, especique el número
004-000-0034 cuando se lo solicite.
Para su seguridad
El adaptador de corriente CA
está polarizado (una de sus
patas es más grande que
la otra) y sólo encajará en
salidas de potencia CA de una
manera. Si tiene usted dicultad
en introducir el adaptador en la caja del
tomacorriente en su totalidad, intente cambiar la
posición del adaptador. Si aún así no consigue
encajarlo, contacte a un electricista calicado
para que sustituya la caja del tomacorriente,
o utilice una diferente. No intente pasar
desapercibido estas normas de seguridad.
Las descripciones y las características presentadas en
este documento son dadas a modo de indicación general
y no de garantía. Con el n de proporcionarle la más alta
calidad de producto posible, nos reservamos el derecho
a hacer mejoras o modicaciones sin previo aviso. La
versión en inglés servirá de referencia para todos los
detalles del producto y del funcionamiento si surgieran
discrepancias en otras lenguas.
Asegúrese de que mantiene el
equipo lejos del agua y de las altas
No utilice el sistema inmediatamente
después de haberlo transportado de
un lugar frío a uno cálido, ya que la
condensación puede hacer que el
sistema no funcione correctamente.
Mantenga la unidad fuera de áreas
húmedas y de lugares anormalmente
Para prevenir lesiones personales, no
invierta las baterías.
El uso del aparato en climas moderados.
El aparato no deberá ser expuesto a
goteo o salpicaduras y objetos que
contengan líquidos, tales como oreros,
no deberán ser colocados sobre el
La clavija principal es usada como el dispositivo
de desconexión. Permanecerá rápidamente
operable y no deberá ser obstruida subida du-
rante el uso que se pretende. Para desconectar
completamente el aparato de la fuente de
poder, la clavija principal del aparato deberá ser
desconectada completamente de la toma de
corriente en la pared.
Este producto deberá ser reparado
solamente por aquellas personas entrenadas
especialmente en la técnica de su
funcionamiento. Para instrucciones en como
obtener servicio, reérase a la Garantía en
esta Guía.
Adjunte el recibo de venta a este manual para
una referencia futura, o anote la fecha en que
este producto fue comprado o recibido coma
regalo. Esta información es importante si alguna
reparación fuera necesaria durante el plazo de
la garantia.
Fecha de Compra:
Nombre de la Tienda:
No se deberán colocar fuentes de ama
sin protección, tales como velas, sobre el
Se deberá prestar atención a los aspectos
ambientales de la eliminación de las
Distancias mínimas (2cm) alrededor del
aparato para suciente ventilación.
La ventilación no se deberá impedir
cubriendo la apertura de ventilación con
artículos tales como periódicos, paños,
cortinas, etcétera.
La placa de datos de servicio está situada
en la montura posterior del aparato.
Medio ambiente
Ayude a cuidar el medio ambiente. Le
recomendamos que deseche las baterías
gastadas en los contenedores especialmente
diseñados para ello.
Limpie la unidad con un paño suave, o con una
gamuza húmeda. No utilice nunca disolventes.
RF sintonizado para ambas bandas AM y FM.
38” (976 mm) “FM Swivel Whip Antenna” (Antena
FM de Varilla Extensible Giratoria).
7-7/8” (200 mm) “AM Ferrite Rod Antenna”
(Antena AM de Núcleao de Ferrita).
Filtro “IF” (Frecuencia Intermedia) de Cerámica,
más 3 Circuitos “IF” Sintonizados a banda FM.
4 Circuitos “IF” sintonizados a la banda AM.
Cambiable “AFC” (Control de Frecuencia
“Precision Vernier Tuning” (Nonio Sintonizador
de Precisión).
Altoparlantes Alto-Sensitivo de 6-1/2”, más
“Tweeter” de 2”.
Minimo de 700 mw. “RMS” (Raiz cuandrada de
la media cuadrática) de la Audiofrecuencia de
Controles separados para “Bass” (Bajo) y
“Treble” (Sobreagudo).
Control “VOLUME” (Sonoridad) separado.
Funciona por medio de 6 pilas tamaño “D” (no
incluidas) o con la corriente casera AC/Alterna.
FM-AM “IC” (Circuito Integral).
Interruptor separado para la corriente “ON-OFF”
(Encender Apagar).
“HEADPHONE JACK” Enchufe para los
auriculares opcionales.
Asa plegadize para llevar.
Terminales para la Antenas Externas AM-FM.
Esta radio le ofrece un nivel de actuación muy
superior a la radio portátil corriente. Le rogamos que
siga las instrucciones paso a paso para que Ud.
pueda gozar su radio en su capacidad plena.
Controles y características
Esta radio portátil con Potencia de Doble-Via
funciona con la corriente casera AC/Alterna, o
con 6 pilas tamaño “D”, con un interruptor AC/
DC (Corriente Alterna/Directa) automático. Las
pilas (no incluidas con la radio), y el cordón de
la corriente se guardan en un compartimiento
situado en la parte posterior de la radio.
1. Suavemente ponga la radio “boca abajo” con
la base de frente a Ud.
2. Quite la puertecilla del compartimiento que
guarda las pilas/el cordón soltando los 3
picaportes de la puertecilla, después haga
girar la puertecilla hacia Ud. y fuera.
3. Inserte las 6 pilas tamaño “D” dentro del
compartimiento de la forma indicada en el
diagrama dentro compartimiento. Asegúrese
de que los extremos o signos (+) de cada
pila sean instalados en la dirección indicada
en el esquema. Inserte primeramente las
pilas “del fondo”, después deslice las “de
arriba” debajo del “Battery Strap” (Cintilla de
las Pilas) por el lado izquierdo del mueble.
4. Vuelva a colocar la puertecilla del
compartimiento prirneramente colocando
las trabillas de seguridad dentro de los
receptáculos correspondiente, después haga
girar la puertecilla en posición y presione
hasta que las 3 picaportes “chasqueen” en
su sitio.
AVISO: Después de que una radio portátil haya
estado funcionando extensivemente usando
las pilas, la cualidad del sonido pueda que se
deteriore o la sonoridad tiende a disminuir.
Cuando ésto suceda, lo primero quo debe sospechar
es que las pilas se están agotando.
Para conrmar que las pilas se estén agotando
cambie of funcionamiento con el cordón de la
corriente AC/Alterna. Si la cualidad del sonido
mejorase, las pilas se encuentran gastadas y deben
ser reemplazadas con unas nuevas.
Su SUPERADIO le ofrece una gran longevidad con
las pilas corrientes tamaño “D”. Las pilas alcalinas,
aunque más caras, también le ofrece más duración
que las pilas corrientes.
Ya que muy pocas pilas son hechas a “prueba de
derrame”, siempre quite las pilas (aunque sean
nuevas) cuando no usa el producto por más de 30
días o cuando usa continuamente la energia CA.
Cuando use la corriente AC/Alterna por poco tiempo
(un máximo de 30 dias) las pilas pueden quedarse
en el aparato.
Siempre quite las pilas gastadas porque éstas
pueden derramar elementos químicos dañinos a los
componenetes electrónicos y al mueble. Cuando
deseche las baterías, asegúrese de deshacerse de
ellas en una manera apropiada, de acuerdo con las
regulaciones locales o del estado.
Quite el cordón de la corriente de su compartimiento
y enchúfelo dentrol de cualquier tomacorriente
casero de 120 voltios corriente AC/Alterna. Una
abertura en la puertecilla del compartimiento le
permitirá. Su radio automáticamente convertirá su
función de pilas a corriente AC/Alterna asegúrese de
cambiar el interruptor marcado “POWER ON-OFF”
a la posición “OFF” (Apagado). Una vez que Ud.
desenchufe el enchufe del tomacorriente casero
sin cambiar el interruptor a la posición “OFF”
automáticamente el funcionamiento volverá al uso
de las pilas.
Información sobre seguridad
(reemplazable) - Levántela y exténdala a lo
ENCENDER/APAGAR - Uselo para encender
“ON” o apagar “OFF” la radio.
Para seleccionar la banda AM ò FM.
Ajústelo para seleccionar su estación favorita en
la banda AM ò FM.
posición ‘off” (apagado) para una sintonización
precisa, después en la posicíon “on” (encendido)
para evitar quo las recepciones FM no se
6. “HEADPHONE JACK” - Para escuchar en
privado con los auriculares opcionales.
nivel auditivo deseado.
Adjústelo a su gusto auditivo preferido.
Adjústelo a su gusto auditivo preferido.
para máxima capacidad de selección de
estaciones adyacentes. WIDE: para incremento
en la delidad de audio de estaciones locales
11. LA ESCALA FM-AM DEL DIAL - Indica el número
de la frecuencia de la estación FM ò AM que
se esté recibiendo. La lista de estaciones “LOG
SCALE” la ayudará a localizar los programas.
Disfrute un estallido musical -
Pero no en sus tímpanos
Antes de ponerse los auriculares,
verique que ha bajado el
volumen en la unidad. Aumente
el volumen al nivel deseado
únicamente después de haberse colocado los
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