Philips 1140 MP3 Player User Manual

CD radio cassette recorder
CD Sound machine
Digital tuner with 30 station presets
Provides fast, accurate tuning to your favourite stations. You can
store up to 29 FM and MW stations in memory for fast, easy
Direct station preset
Tuning made easy.Tune to any of your 3 favourite radio stations
at the touch of a button.
Dynamic bass boost
Enhances bass tone frequencies to give deep, rich sounds.
20-track programmable
Stores up to 20 of your favourite CD tracks for playing back in
your order of preference.
CD synchro start recording
Synchronises the start of a recording on audio cassette with the
start of a CD at the touch of a button.
CD rewritable compatible
Capable of playing all music CD’s, including CD-Recordable and
CD-Rewritable discs.