La Crosse Technology WS-7091UD Portable Radio User Manual

Hanging Hole
Wireless Weather Station
Instruction Manual
Congratulations on purchasing this state-of-the-art Weather Station as an example of fine design and quality piece of engineering. The operation of this product is simple and
straightforward. By reading this instruction manual, users will receive a better understanding of the Weather Station together with the optimum benefit of all its features.
The Weather Station
The Temperature Transmitter
Features of the Weather Station
4 digits LCD time display
Current indoor temperature display in degree Fahrenheit
Simultaneous minimum and maximum indoor temperature recordings
Current relative humidity display with ““ Smilling or ““ Sad face for comfort level
3 weather icons for weather forecasting
Weather tendency indicator
Relative air pressure inHg with adjustable reading ranges
Air pressure history for the past 72 hours (electronic barometer with barometric pressure and trend)
Current outdoor temperature display in degree Fahrenheit
Simultaneous minimum and maximum outdoor temperature recordings.
LCD contrast changeable to 8 different tones
Low battery indicator
Wall mounting
Features of the Temperature Transmitter:
Remotely transmits outdoor temperature at 433MHz to the Weather Station
With wall mounting holder
Getting Started
Please follow these steps to ensure that your new Weather Station and Temperature Transmitterwork correctly together:
Remove all pieces from the packaging and place onto a table in front of you.
Check that you have complete:
1. Weather Station
2. 433MHz temperature transmitter
3. Sealed pack with 3 screws and double-sided tape for wall mounting the transmitter
Setting up
1. Slide open the battery cover of the transmiter as indicated above.
2. Checking the correct polarization, insert the 2 x AAA, IEC LR3, 1.5V batteries into the battery compartment.
3. Replace the cover while ensuring the batteries do not spring free from the contacts as this may cause transmission start up problems.
4. Within 2 minutes of step 3, checking the correct polarization, insert 2 x AA, IEC LR6, 1.5V battery into the battery
Function keys
Battery compartment
+ key