JBL ON Stage Micro II MP3 Docking Station User Manual

jbl on stage micro II remote easy setup guide
Additional Features:
1. In the battery-only mode, the JBL On Stage Micro II loudspeaker dock will turn off to save battery power when muted or paused
for longer than 10 minutes.
2. In the wall adapter power supply mode JBL On Stage Micro II will go into standby mode if no audio signal is detected for 10
minutes. The green LED will turn off. Once an audio signal is detected the speaker will return to normal playing mode and the
green LED will light up.
3. iPod touch and iPhone menu navigation may require the user to manually put the iPhone/iPod in music mode.
4. When the batteries are low the “low battery LED” will turn on. Change batteries immediately or switch to the power adapter.
Volume Down
iPhone/iPod Play/Pause
iPhone/iPod Previous/Rewind
*Hold for “rewind”
iPhone/iPod Scroll Up
iPhone/iPod Menu
Volume Up
iPhone/iPod Next/Fast Forward
*Hold for “fast forward”
iPhone/iPod Scroll Down
iPhone/iPod Select/Enter