JBL ON Stage Micro II MP3 Docking Station User Manual

Symptom Possible Problem Solution Note
Distortion (static, cracking
or hissing sounds).
JBL On Stage Micro II
emits a loud hum
or buzzing noise.
Speaker system experiences
radio-frequency interference or
picks up a radio-station trans-
Input cable is not plugged in
Cable may be bad.
Ground logo (an unsuitable
Input cable may be
picking up interference.
Audio source or source material
may be the problem.
Test the JBL On Stage Micro II
with another source.
Does the distortion occur with
specific songs? If so, check
the recording or record the
source again.
Volume level may be too high.
EQ setting may be too high. Check the EQ setting on your
iPhone/iPod or source device.
It is recommended that you set
the source device EQ to “Flat”
or “Off.”
Check the volume of the source.
Check the input cable connec-
Replace the cable.
Turn the JBL On Stage Micro II
off and connect it to another
wall outlet.
Purchase a ferrite core and
wrap the excess cable around it.
A ferrite core can be purchased
at your local electronics store.
Some devices will distort the
output signal if the volume is
set to maximum.