Insignia NS-HD01 Portable Radio User Manual

Quick Setup Guide
NS-HD01 HD Radio™ Portable Player
Step 1 Get to know your HD Radio Portable Player
Check out the front, side, and back panels to familiarize yourself with button controls and connection options.
Congratulations on your purchase of a high-quality
Insignia product. Your HD Radio Portable Player
represents the state of the art in portable radios and is
designed for reliable and trouble-free performance.
Use this guide for initial setup of your HD Radio
Portable Player. See your User Guide for more
information on using your HD Radio Portable Player.
Package contents
• Armband
• Earphone
• USB cable
User Guide
Quick Setup Guide
Step 2 Charging battery
Charge battery before use.
1 Connect the included USB cable to a USB port on a computer, then connect the other
end of the cable to the CHARGE port on your radio.
2 Turn on the computer. While the battery is charging, the Charging screen appears
When charging is complete, the Charging Complete screen appears.
Note: If you press a button while the battery is charging, the normal display appears.
If no button is pressed for 30 seconds, the battery screen reappears.
1 Tune to next higher frequency
2 Tune to next lower frequency
3 Menu
4 Search for the next lower radio station
5 Power
6 Next higher preset station number
7 Next lower preset station number
8 Search for the next higher radio station
9 Guide/Enter button
10 Charge
11 Hold
12 Reset
13 Volume/Mute
14 Earphone jack