Audiovox MP2000 MP3 Player User Manual

Software is not operating.
o The problem may be caused from unsuccessful software installation. Reinstall
the software following the proscribed procedure in the Installation Guide.
The unit dose not function / there is nothing displayed on the LCD screen.
o Check the battery and check the battery is inserted correctly (see MP2000
No music even when pressing the PLAY button in the MP3 mode.
o Check if the driver is properly installed on the computer (refer to the Software
Installation Guide).
o Check the connection between the PC and the USB Cable port.
The LCD window is dim.
o Check the Contrast (see Setting Contrast).
Backlight is not turned on.
o Check the setup of backlight (see Setting Backlight).
NOTE: The unit will automatically detect if the voltage current of battery is low, and
will not allow the backlighting to be turned ON to prolong music playback.