Audiovox GMRS-3000PK Portable Radio User Manual

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3. Various Brands of Rechargeable Batteries - Use of the Base
Station charging feature with other brands of rechargeable batteries
is not recommended, as battery charging times will vary with differ-
ent brands of batteries. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for
charging other brands of batteries.
The battery charge indicator icon displays the battery charge level in the
handset transceiver. When the AC adapter is connected to the base station
transceiver, it’s indicator icon will always indicate a full charge when the
base station is powered on. A full charge of batteries in the handset
transceiver is indicated by the battery icon as shown below:
Full Battery - three segments are illuminated.
Low Battery - one segment is illuminated.
Approximately 10-12 hours are required to fully charge the batteries in the
handset transceiver. The red H LED charging indicator (9) on the base
station transceiver will light whenever the batteries are charging. If the
charging indicator flashes on/off momentarily when the CHG button is
pressed to on, it is likely no batteries are installed in the handset unit. You
must set the CHG button off when using any batteries other than the ones
provided for the handset transceiver. Failure to do this may cause damage
to the batteries resulting in personal injury and/or damage to either, or
both, transceivers.
Caution: The charging adapter is intended for use with the supplied
rechargeable NiMH batteries, Part Number F30BATT. Do not
attempt to recharge any other type batteries.
Installing the Batteries in the Mobile Transceiver
Battery installation in the Mobile Transceiver is made more convenient
when the carry clip is removed. To do this, release the spring latch securing
the clip to radio and slide the clip downward and away from the radio body.