Audiovox GMRS-3000PK Portable Radio User Manual

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Weak or no Weak batteries (mobile unit) Charge or replace batteries
signal received Channel and privacy Adjust the transceiver’s
code not set the same settings to match those
as target transceiver settings of the target
Volume level too low Increase volume level
PTT Button inadvertently Release PTT Button
Excessive radio interference Change to a different
on a particular channel channel
Obstruction of radio signal Avoid operating in or near
large buildings or vehicles
Unit beeps, but Batteries extremely Charge or replace batteries
will not function discharged (mobile unit)
when turned on
Reception of CTCSS privacy mode Turn on the CTCSS privacy
unwanted signals not on mode and set code number to
match the setting of the
target transceiver.
Interference from Turn the devices off or move
electronic devices such farther away from them.
as computers or TVs
Problem Possible cause Correction
No transmission Weak batteries (mobile unit) Charge or replace batteries
while pressing Incorrect battery polarity Install the batteries
the PTT Button (mobile unit) following the directions in
paragraph Installing the