Archos 605 WiFi MP3 Player User Manual

The ARCHOS 605 WiFi displays the most impressive combination of features in a
portable video player
The ARCHOS 605 WiFi lets you:
• Play all your digital entertainment: movies, TV shows, photos and music
• Record
your favorite TV shows
• Stream and watch videos from your PC
• Download movies and music directly on your PMP using the ARCHOS Content Portal
• Enjoy the new high resolution 4.3'' touch screen (800x480 pixels)
• Internet enabled
to surf the Web, share content, and access Web video sites (eg
• Customize your ARCHOS with great accessories and plug-ins
• View, zoom photos and make slide shows with music and transition effects, for viewing on
the PMP or TV
• Listen to all your favorite music in more formats than any other player
• 30GB
to store up to 40 movies
, 300,000 photos
or 15,000 songs
1 GB = 1 billion bytes, formatted capacity is less
With the optional DVR Station, DVR Travel Adapter or Mini Dock
With the downloadable optional Web browser plug-in (Opera® browser/Adobe Flash®) on
the web site or directly on the ARCHOS Content Portal on the device
On average; based on 3.5 mins/song & 64 kbits/s WMA, on 1000 kbits/s MPEG-4
audio/video encoding and 1h30/movie (for near DVD Quality), on JPEG, VGA