AMX Mio Attach MP3 Docking Station User Manual

Quick Start Guide
Mio Attaché Docking Station
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Mio Attaché Docking Station
The Mio Attaché is complemented with an optional docking station
(FG5799-10). The station allows you to charge and use your devices
without the apparent wiring plugged into the bottom of the Attaché.
The specifications for the Mio Attaché docking station are as follows:
Charging The Attaché with Docking Station
The Mio Attaché can also receive power for charging from an optional
Docking Station. When the battery is charging from complete depletion, the
battery does a trickle charge where it starts gradually and ramps up to full
1. Connect the terminal end of the PS4.4 power supply to the rear
external power port on the Mio Attaché Docking Station. The port on
the docking station is located under the station on the back. See
FIG. 1 for location.
2. Route the cable through one of the provided channels so that it comes
out either the top right or top left of the Docking Station.
3. Connect the PS4.4 AC power cord to an external power source.
4. Place the Mio Attaché into the docking station so the contacts at the
front of the device are on top of the charging contacts at the front of
the docking station (shown in FIG. 1). The kickstand can be in either
position when charging on the base. The charging LED on the Attaché
illuminates red to indicate it is charging and turns blue when it is done.
The LED is off after completion of charge cycle. Full charge cycle for a
depleted battery is approximately 3 hours.
FIG. 1
Mio Attaché Docking Station (Top and Bottom view)
Mio Attaché Docking Station (FG5799-10) Specifications
Dimensions (HWD) .94 (23.88 mm) x 9.63 (244.60 mm) x 5.53 (140.46 mm)
Weight 0.70 lbs (0.32 kg)
Other AMX Equipment: Mio Attaché (FG5799-01)
PS4.4 Power Supply (13.5 VDC) (FG423-44)
- Cable Top Right
- Cable Top Left
Power Supply
Docking Station
rear external
power port