Abocom DA1000 MP3 Player User Manual

Digital Audio Player
The DA1000 is actually a 5-in-1 device. It is a MP3/WMA Player, Digital Voice Recorder, FM Tuner,
Line-In Recorder, and USB Flash Memory Drive.
When used as a MP3 player or a radio, the DA1000 excels
by providing superb sound quality. Plus, you can select
the optimal equalizer from Normal, Bass/treble, Rock,,
Classic, and POP.
In addition to MP3/WMA and radio playback, the DA1000
has a voice recorder. This comes in handy in a pinch for
recording lectures or interviews.
The FM Tuner is convenient for customers when traveling to another cities to find out what is going on
locally or for those who just like to listen to new music.
With the Line-In Recorder, moreover, you can record from a number of sources and it has digital input and
output plugs.
Finally, the DA1000 can be used as a USB flash disk for storing any kind of data file. The USB connection
means you can copy files to/from your computer.
The DA1000 features true plug & play; simply plug it into any available USB port and the computer will
automatically detect it as two removable drives. The DA1000 does not need any software. It is compatible
with IBM PC / compatible desktop and laptop computers with a USB port.